Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Astro Pulse - Fall Equinox 2010

The Equinox chart for Washington, DC gives a glimpse at the tendencies for the country during this upcoming quarter. 

The Equinox chart has Gemini rising –which is ruled by Mercury. Placed in Virgo without any contact to any other planet, it appears that the country is left to its own to resolve all its problems. The nation must do detailed analysis of itself and in classic Virgo fashion, must clean up and find ways to improve. This pertains most clearly to domestic issues (ruling 4th house) and the media (Mercury in 3rd house).

However, the tone for this quarter may be determined by a more serious mood. Real estate values remain low and we could experience set backs from the land, farming or with crops (Saturn –ruler of MC in 4th house conj. Sun in Libra).

On the political sphere, the President and Congress will be trying more intensely to work together to find common ground, though not without struggle.

The conflict with enemy nations is pulling away from the task of reform. (Pluto conj N Node in Capricorn in 7th house, w/sep. square Uranus, Jupiter & Moon in 10th house). This configuration can certainly be disruptive and destructive, but with positive intent it can be interpreted as a battle that transforms the country’s direction as a world leader. (Equinox Saturn triggering the USA’s natal MC/Saturn in Libra)

We may have come to a time where people realize that we no longer live in a “us vs them” type of world. The Moon –representing people- in Pisces in the Equinox chart understands that. The continued flow of catastrophes, accidents and unexpected life-changing shocks has forced many people to surrender to some tragic condition (Uranus conj. Jupiter & Moon in Pisces, square Pluto). People have experienced some kind of deception, disillusion, denial, disappointment, sacrifice or loss. Suffering and painful emotions are a part of life for much of the population. Somehow though, this may be the opportunity to understand compassion. This time may be a catalyst to see that there is value in the concept of the common good.

Will the country get Saturn’s message? Have we learned anything from the hard lessons? The environment, financial markets collapse, deception, fraud, media coma, real estate collapse, economic collapse, war economic machine dependence and on and on.

Compromises, finding common ground and reaching peaceful agreements are in order during this current Equinox quarter. Establishing fair rules and better structures in our government is also the task of the time. Especially since it reflects the USA’s own potential. Are we up to it?

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