Friday, January 8, 2010

Astro Pulse at the Turn of the Decade

Astro Pulse at the Turn of the Decade by Corinne Marcus

Winter Solstice 2009 & Eclipses of Dec 31, 2009 / Jan 15, 2010

- Solstice and Equinox charts are used in astrology to determine the trends for each quarter of the yearly cycle of the earth around the sun. The Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox are often used to forecast the calendar and astrological year respectively. The Winter Solstice chart is cast for: December 21, 2009 12:46:43 pm EST, Washington, DC -

The 16th degree of Aries rising at the Winter Solstice 2009 in Washington brings us action, exploration and a pioneering spirit. It feels like a refreshing and welcoming energy, especially as the ascending axis of the chart stimulates creativity and speculation in the US Sibly 5th house of investments. To reinforce the theme, the 5th and opposing 11th house of society in the solstice chart are being energized by Mars – Ruler of the Ascendant which is Retrograde in Leo in the 5th house opposed a cluster of planets in Aquarius. The nation is driven to operate creatively while expanding on a social vision that affects humanity. Investments in children and entertainment (5th) and in the environment and communities (11th) are possible. Health care looks like it is actually improving, but will still need serious attention from the government if it wants to accomplish what it is meant to provide.

This quarter is probably a good opportunity to be affectionate and enjoy good times with friends, creative endeavors or self-expression while serving others at the same time. The Moon at the solstice joined Jupiter and Neptune at 24° Aquarius indicating that people are in need of expansion and divine connection. Many people may need or want more sleep right now. It is a time to recharge the spiritual batteries. There is also a tendency to escape the routine by using technology, meditation, inspiration or movies (Neptune). In many ways the film Avatar magnificently manifests these ideas and is being delivered to us with perfect timing.

Mars is currently retrograde in creative and royal Leo energizing and opposing President Obama’s Ascendant. Barack Obama is clearly meant to resist attacks from people opposing him (Mars transiting on his Descendant). Luckily Mars also drives Obama’s Sun in Leo and can propel him into being a responsible leader. Obama’s Natal Mars being in Virgo can get lost in details though, but has the opportunity to manifest his inherent purpose to lead and bring responsible structure into being (natal Saturn trines natal Mars).

More importantly, Lessons will need to be learned in leadership ranks - Saturn is transiting the US MC & natal Saturn, while approaching its 27 year return. Negotiation and diplomacy is struggling against powerful corporate influence on the presidency (Sun conj. Pluto in Capricorn square Saturn). Saturn exalted in the sign of Libra gives however some hope for peaceful and partial regulations and fair decision-making. Our nation's leading governing body will need to re-establish itself and apply effective structures starting in December until 2012. The United States experience a new Saturn return, which delivers results once it is completed. Patience is truly a virtue.

On new year’s eve the lunar eclipse highlighted the need for long-term thinking and need to create new governmental structures -3 planets, the Sun and the North Node all in Capricorn highlighted the 9th house of law & philosophy.

In the upcoming solar eclipse of Jan 15th the Moon will join the other planets in the stellium. Feel the push to be caution and practical when approaching matters of resources, wealth, finances and banking. Falling into the house of communication (3rd H) that configuration can also be expressed negatively in displaying fear, secretive actions, suppression, particularly as it relates to the media.

So, what’s the big lesson of these times? Saturn’s return is in Libra. The country’s lesson directs to learning balance and peace. To attract the higher manifestation of the planetary symbols, let's choose to invoke the positive characteristics of Saturn and the sign Capricorn. I pray -in all religions and faiths- that our country starts this new decade manifesting self-control, honor, accountability, honesty, and responsibility.

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  1. Hi Corinne,

    As always, a wonderfully written article. I'm very interested in what the future might hold so I was very excited to read what you had to say.

    I too am hoping for responsible leadership from Obama and for more positive outcomes for our nation and world.

    On a personal level, I am getting my sleep and feeling good. I have been reconnecting with friends and family. I am also looking forward to a creative year what ever that might bring.

    Thank you for all of the information and insight that you offer!